Solo-Mail can be thought of as the limousine of Direct Mail marketing. Like a limo, Solo Mail takes you directly to the mailbox in high style and is priced accordingly. If limos aren’t your style please visit our FSI page.

Below is a helpful overview of AMJEL’s Direct Mail Services

Basic styles of solo mail: these are most common, but we design, print and mail anything allowable by USPS standards:

  • 4” x 6” postcards – Standard Postcard
  • 6” x 9” postcards – Large Postcard (225% larger than a standard postcard)
  • 6” x 11” postcards – Max-size* Postcard (275% larger than a standard postcard)
  • #10 envelope window or non-window with a single sheet insert

                         * Larger sizes available but require additional postage    


Common types of mailing lists:

  1. Saturation Walk Sequence – can exclude apartments, PO Boxes and Businesses and still qualify for the “Saturation-Mail” rate
  2. Client Supplied customer lists – can also be merged with 3rd party lists
  3. Target lists obtained through 3rd party – can be any type of target list to reach a specific audience


General Kinds of Mailings:

  1. Saturation Mail – can be sent “Pre-Sort Standard” or “First Class”
  2. Non-Saturation – aka “Basic” means that you are sending it to various addresses in no particular order. Can also be sent “Pre-Sort Standard” or “Pre-sort First Class”


3 types of postage:

  1. Postcard rate – applies only to 4” x 6” postcards
  2. Letter Rate- applies to any piece smaller than the maximum size of 6.125” x11.5”
  3. Flat Rate – applies to any piece larger than the maximum letter size of 6.125” x11.5”


List Services:

  1. Automating – guarantees the lowest postage cost available
  2. Merge/Purge – removes the duplicates from multiple lists
  3. NCOA – National change of address correction
  4. Pre-sorting – always done for paperwork and bag & tray tags
  5. Programming – adding a special message “or current resident” to the file
  6. Reformatting – take multiple and make it one files
  7. Zip code / address correction – fixing zip codes


Mailing Services:

  1. Dropping DDU – The added cost of trucking is usually is offset by postage savings. Sometimes used because of the timeliness for a saturation mail piece
  2. Folding – Taking a flat sheet & folding it down for mailing
  3. Matching – Addressing both an insert and the outside of the envelope
  4. Metering – Looks like a Pitney-Bowes meter-stamp imprint
  5. Stamps – Adding a “Pre-Sort Standard” or First Class stamp
  6. Wafer seals / Tabbing – Usually to seal a brochure – most pieces require three seals